Play Readings

Professional actors read exceptional plays — with no costumes, props, sets, or special lighting. Join us monthly in the spring and fall for our beloved play reading series at The Music Hall Loft. The Play Reading series is presented with support from: The Fuller Foundation,
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Stay tuned to this page for annoucements about our Spring schedule of readings.

September 15 at 7:30 p.m.

julia cho


by Julia Cho

Linguist George might know a pile of rare, exotic languages, but when it comes to communicating about matters of the heart, he’s hopelessly at a loss for words. Outside the lab where he works to preserve dying words, his marriage is crumbling, while inside, his assistant, Emma, desperately tries to get him to understand the deep feelings she has for him. Meanwhile, a squabble has the last two speakers of an indigenous tongue refusing to speak to each other. Will a grudge destroy their language forever? Find out in this whimsical tale of love and the search for the right words.

“The gulf between what’s said and what isn’t is rarely described and traversed with as much power as it is here. What makes this achievement more significant still is that the play itself is in no way ordinary… passionate… wise and wonderful.” —Talkin’ Broadway.

October 6 at 7:30 p.m.



by Mark St. Germain

On the eve of the start of World War II, Dr. Sigmund Freud invites young, up-and-coming Oxford scholar C.S. Lewis to his London home for a life-changing conversation. In this historical re-imagining by Mark St. Germain, the strictly atheist father of psychotherapy clashes wits with the passionate young Christian author and professor as they discuss everything from the existence of God to the joys of sex. The result is a riveting, thoughtful, and clever study of life’s biggest questions as seen through two of the greatest minds of their age.

“It’s a sharp, lively discourse, and audience members searching for engaging debate will be pleased…Mark St. Germain’s script is astute, and the humor is plentiful.” —NY Times.

November 10 at 7:30 p.m.



by Jesse Eisenberg

“I know what a ghetto is. I read ‘Night,’ in high school.”

David arrives in Poland with a crippling case of writer’s block and a desire to be left alone. His 75-year-old second cousin Maria welcomes him with a fervent need to connect with her distant American family. As their tenuous relationship develops, she reveals details about her complicated post-war past that test their ideas of what it means to be a family.

“The Revisionist, a tightly structured, deeply human play about the truthful mess of human experience, represents the best of what theatre as an art form can be.”—Exeunt Magazine